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Spartan Content Moderation on Facebook

Usually when something stupid happens I ask a simple question "Is it me?" Most of the time I come back with, "It might be me..." This time it isn't me. Truthfully, there has been a meaningful period of time where I haven't been particularly active on the Spartan Facebook pages. There was a time when I/We were extremely active in the Spartan community, and in the OCR community in general. However, I can remember when it all changed and I remember my frustration when they started moderating content, any and all content. I feel like they have gone too far now, and it is at a point where it is just flat out dumb.

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Syncing Peloton to Garmin Connect

Personally, I hate having my activity data distributed across multiple apps. I have Strava, Peloton, Garmin, etc. It seems like every simple integration that we expect either doesn’t exist or isn’t really that simple. I figured a well-known company like Peloton would have a Garmin integration that would allow me …

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