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IV Hydro Pros

If you got Savage, or took part in a southern Spartan this fall, you probably strolled by a large white RV in the festival area. That RV belongs to IV Hydro Pros, it is a division of Mobile Healthcare Solutions LLC that primarily focuses on the emerging market of IV hydration therapy, primarily serving the state of Texas out of the DFW Metroplex. What makes them unique is that they are mobile and can be booked for events, as well as provide concierge services; bringing hospital treatments to the general public. “Our IV stations have a spa-like atmosphere and are relaxing spaces for all IV'ers to enjoy. Receive your treatment today in a comfortable, sterile, and upscale environment.”

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OCR Chicks – February

Another month, another celebration and ode to the baddest and most beautiful female athletes on the face of the planet – OCR chicks. Many guys are out there right now training hard by themselves thinking I wish I had a girlfriend I could do this with. So WHAT is it exactly an OCR chick is looking for in a man? Your typical approach is NOT going to work with these women. Well, men, you are welcome. Here are some tips and views into what one of these fine species of athletes are looking for in a companion.

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  • Green Beret Challenge 24 Hours Survive and Evade

    You see the event name and you know you are in for it, but what does that actually mean? Endurance/Adventure races for the general OCR community are still fairly new and everyone venturing into the field has a different take. Spartan was the first to stumble into the concept when a Hurricane literally made them have to do a tear down in short order. What, at first, was a large volunteer/racer participation, was the birth of Hurricane Heat. Since then, we have seen the 12 Hour join their ranks, which is more driven towards purposefully breaking you. It is attempted by participants doing some things that at times feel like they have no purpose outside of getting you to say “that’s it I’m out”. Next, we saw the advent of BFX, which gave you a minimum threshold to hit, but ultimately, for most, it was about you tapping out, then BattleFrog saying, “you are done” and you still get the medal.

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  • OCRWC 2016 3K Short Course Review

  • 2016 Tri-State New Jersey Super

  • 2016 Spartan Beast & Ultra Beast – Tahoe