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OCR Chicks – March

It’s March, and thus time to shine the light on another two amazing women. Like many OCR Chicks, they won’t bat an eye at throwing a wreck bag on their back and running up a steep hill, take a few scrapes from barbed wire because “it will heal later”, or when they’re drenched in sweat; pushing a little harder instead of taking a break because that’s OCR. It takes a lot of grit, and hard work to be an OCR chick. Let’s celebrate them right now.

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Spartan Greek Peak Winter Sprint 2017 Review

2017 will mark the beginning of many firsts for many people. It is the start of a new year, and each new year we make resolutions and vow to do things we either planned on doing the year before and didn’t, or doing things we haven’t done at all. This …

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