XTG Gear Guards Review

There is nothing worse than running the race of your life and you take a slip, smash your knee or clip your arm and knowing you are going to be limping along the course or won't be able to grab onto an obstacle. Sleeves and leggings only do so much, mainly slight compression and cosmetic appeal, and most pads out there are bulky; while helpful they can be their own hazard as they are more likely to snag onto something like barbed wire. However, I found something new. Something came along that has a shot at meeting all my needs: sturdy, takes a hit, and keeps a low profile to avoid snagging.

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WeatherShield Sheddable Shells Review

If you have ever registered for a race early in the season, or late in the season for that matter, you will undoubtedly have started your morning off with a bit of a chill in the air. You know you will heat up once you start running, but before is a different story. Outside of wearing layers of clothes and ditching them somewhere on the course, or freezing your butt off, there has really been no clear solution, until now. Enter the Sheddable Shell WeatherShield Jacket and Pants.

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Men’s CTR Trainer HF Gloves Review

While wearing gloves during an OCR is not something that many consider mandatory, it could be the difference between hands that are intact and Swiss Cheese for skin at the end of a race. While there are plenty of options out there, Under Armour promises that their CTR Trainer HF Gloves are the right ones for you, no matter the purpose.

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