Syncing Peloton to Garmin Connect

Personally, I hate having my activity data distributed across multiple apps. I have Strava, Peloton, Garmin, etc. It seems like every simple integration that we expect either doesn’t exist or isn’t really that simple. I figured a well-known company like Peloton would have a Garmin integration that would allow me to see my Peloton activities in my Garmin Connect app. Well, not so much.

I know someone is going to say, “Well, why don’t you just set an activity in your fenix for indoor bike?” The answer, it sucks. It doesn’t get anything right.

Having the Peloton in the house has proven valuable for those rainy days when I don’t feel like getting wet, when it’s cold outside, or when I just don’t feel like running. Unfortunately, having that data only in my Peloton app or in my Strava app just isn’t cutting the mustard for me.

Well, thankfully, someone came to their senses and wrote an application that takes care of this for us. Introducing Peloton-to-Garmin by philosowaffle. Even better yet, it’s really simple!

Convert workout data from Peloton into a format that can be uploaded to Garmin.

  • Fetch latest workouts from Peloton
  • Convert Peloton workout to a variety of formats
  • Upload TCX or FIT workout to Garmin
  • Avoid duplicates in Garmin
  • Backup your downloaded data and converted files
  • Earn Badges and credit for Garmin Challenges

Exhaustive Feature List

  • Syncs workout data from Peloton to Garmin Connect
  • Supports all Peloton workout types (Biking, Tread, Core, Meditation, etc.)
  • Syncs all available metric data from Peloton over to Garmin Connect
  • Syncs laps and target cadence
  • Synced workouts count towards Garmin Badges and Challenges
  • Synced workouts will count towards VO2 max calculations 1
  • Syncs on demand or on a schedule
  • Highly Configurable
  • Docker-ized
  • OpenTelemetry for the data nerds

Data Synced

  1. HR
  2. Cadence
  3. Target Cadence
  4. Distance
  5. Power

Instructions for Use

  • Download the application by visiting our forums
    • You will have to register or sign in in order to see the download link
  • Click “Download this file
  • Extract it to your desktop or some other folder
  • Complete the configuration.local.json information
    • You are storing your login information, so obviously don’t do this on a public computer
  • Execute the application by clicking the PelotonToGarminConsole.exe file
  • Enjoy!

There is a more detailed tutorial here for those of you that need it.

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