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Tougher Mudder Central Texas 2017

You always know when May rolls into Texas. April's weather is nice and pleasant with a few hot days here, a few humid days there, but overall I call it perfection.  Like clockwork, we get a quick preview about ten days before May for the temperatures coming our way. This year was no different after a warm drive to just outside of Austin, Texas. I enjoyed a pre-race meal and went to sleep. I wake up at 5 am and say hello to Texas in May. Warm and humid already but I am ready to return to the first major race series I participated in. After four years I was returning to try out Tough Mudder’s (TM) first go at a competitive series - Tougher Mudder.

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  • Savage Race & the Racer Experience

    There is one race series I look forward to every year, Savage Race. For me, Savage Race usually provides me with the best race experience of the year. Last year, I was lucky enough to participate in both Albrightsville and the Maryland races, but this year, I had only the PA race on my calendar. I can comfortably say, and defend my position if necessary, that Savage Race puts the racer's experience above the bottom line, making it a must run race. While everything isn't always peaches and cream when it comes to putting on and running an event like the ones we all love to run, there are times when your customer services skills hat must be worn. Some wear it proudly, some don't even let you know that they have one. This year, in this race, I got to see first hand what Savage is made of.

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  • Let’s get vertical! Vertical Playground 2018

  • Green Beret Challenge Team Commando

  • 2017 Inaugural Fallen Heroes Memorial Ultra Beast, Glen Rose, Texas