Weighted Bench Dip

There are few muscles in your body that are used more than your triceps. Ever time you extend your arms (with any force) you are using your tricep muscles. These muscles, when strengthened, can increase your performance in any number of areas.

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Bent over Dumbell Row

If you have ever done a Spartan Race (or any other OCR), you already know there are a lot of obstacles that require you to pull something. This action could be pulling a sled, the Hercules Hoist, a tire pull, or even a rope climb. The primary group of muscles responsible for this action are located in your back, the middle back.

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Cuban Press

While running is one of the best things you can do to prepare for an obstacle race, you cannot forget about the rest of your body. Building strength in key areas will help you gain the additional strength required to overcome an obstacle. In today's Exercise of the Week, I am going to cover an underrated shoulder exercise known as the Cuban Press.

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