Vitalsox (VT1211) Compression OTC Socks Review

There truly is nothing better than finishing a long race through the mud and muck.  Coming out at the other end, grabbing your medal and t-shirt then walking off into the sunset... that is unless you are gimping from blisters on your feet.  Many of us have been there, running through the pain, running with blisters because we spent more time researching which shirt to wear instead of what socks we should wear.  After all, your feet are hitting the ground through the entire run, not your chest.  The right pair of socks can make a difference.  We already know that we loved Mudgear's compression socks,  but Vitalsox thinks they can sway us with their entry, the VT1211 Patented Performance Graduated Compression OTC.

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MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Socks Review

I am always on the hunt for new gear.  I typically scour the web looking for... just about anything.  Well, when looking for some new gear to try out at the Spartan Beast in Winnsboro SC, a unique product made its way into my sweaty, mud-covered palms.  Enter the MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Socks.

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Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut Socks Review

There is one article of clothing that typically gets overlooked by new obstacle course racers. Unfortunately, the socks you wear don't get as much attention as the gloves you choose for a race. But, when you think about it, gloves spend a fraction of the time touching anything on the coarse; while socks and shoes are active almost 100% of the time.

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