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Spartan Race offers race types for all types of competitive athletes.  The common misconception is that many believe the shorter distance races are easy.  We are talking about Spartan Races here, nothing is easy.  These races are designed to challenge you, no matter the distance.


With Spartan, there are 3 basic race types.  There are 4 more endurance challenges, but those aren’t considered in the major 3.  Completing all 3 of these race types in a calendar year will net you a Trifecta, more on that later.

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Spartan Sprint.

Distance: 3+ Miles
Obstacles: 20+
Reward: Medal + Trifecta piece

sprintThe Spartan Sprint is the shortest of all race types.  This race is geared towards athletes of all levels.  The length of the race is calculated somewhere in the ballpark of 3+ miles and packs more than 20 of the Spartan Signature Obstacles.  Most of the Sprints I have ran have been more than 4 miles.  They are packed with mud, fun, and adventure.

Spartan Super

Distance: 8+ Miles
Obstacles: 25+
Reward: Medal + Trifecta piece

superMuch like building blocks, Spartan builds on the Sprint by adding some significant distance.  This race comes in at 8+ miles.  The + is always a little fuzzy.  This middle distance course packs more than 25 obstacles and usually features a more rugged terrain.  This is where Spartan starts to test your endurance.  This is the second notch in your belt towards your Trifecta.

Spartan Beast

Distance: 13+ Miles
Obstacles: 30+
Reward: Medal + Trifecta piece

beastIf you did the other two, you might as well start training for your Beast.  This race is the most difficult of the 3 races and packs more than 30 obstacles into 13+ miles of rugged terrain.  This race will test your intestinal fortitude as they try to break you with challenging obstacles that wear you down, physically and mentally.


trifectaOnce you have completed all three races within a calendar year, you join a unique club of athletes.. and friends.  The Trifecta Tribe is a collection of people that didn’t quit, that don’t understand the language of no, and don’t believe in the phrase “I can’t”.  The Trifecta is honored when all three of your Spartan Wedges come together to form one larger and magnificent trophy.

Endurance Race types are that next level stuff.  This is the stuff that rockets are made of.  There are 4 additional races in this category and none of them are pretty.

Ultra Beast

Distance: 26+ Miles
Obstacles: 30+ x 2
Reward: Medal + Trifecta piece

The Ultra Beast is that race that you hear about people finishing and wake up the next day wondering who they are.  This race is 2 laps of the standard Beast with some variations thrown in to keep it interesting.  In order to compete for the Ultra Beast you have to be prepared.  Don’t be that person that thinks they can compete here because you spent 45 minutes on an elliptical last year.  This race is no joke.

Hurricane Heat

Distance: Unknown
Obstacles: Unknown
Reward: Dog Tag

The Hurricane Heat is a unique opportunity for you to form an incredible bond with people you may have never met before.  This is your chance to run with the staff, and sometimes the founders.  The goal here is to finish, time is not important.  You win as a team, and you win as a team… there is no lose.  There may be times where you venture off the course in some unknown direction, you go where the director wishes.  These races usually start early in the morning and can go on for an undetermined amount of time (usually 3-4 hours).

Hurricane Heat 12H

Distance: Unknown
Obstacles: Unknown
Reward: Dog Tag

This, like the Ultra Beast builds on the strengths of its younger siblings.  The HH12H is a 12 hour adventure that will take place on and off the beaten path.  The idea is the same, build trust and comradery with those around you while pushing your personal limits as an individual.

Agoge – Death Race

You don’t want to know… it’s 60 hours.  You will hallucinate.

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