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2017 Killington Ultra Beast & Beast Review

I have been around the block this year. I have gone through a number of injuries that have inhibited or limited my participation in almost all of my events this year. When Killington started rolling around, I was nervous about running the Ultra Beast on this mountain again. Last year, the mountain almost took me out when my knee decided to make everything past mile 11 grueling. This year had its own set of challenges and again, conventional wisdom would suggest that I take the safe route and just run the beast.

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2017 Savage Race Albrightsville Review

Since the dawn of time, man has been looking for... wait, what? This is OCR, not a history lesson or a PBS documentary... nevermind. Since I broadened my OCR horizons a few years back, one event I look forward to, almost as much as Killington, is Savage Race in Albrightsville, PA. Not because it's Albrightsville, PA, but because it is Savage Race, and it is close by. If you hadn't guessed it, I am a fan of the Savage Series, but there just aren't enough of their races to go around. However, when it does come around, you should get your butt out there and get Savage.

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The Inaugural United States OCR Championships

It is starting to feel like the good Lord has a ‘sense of humor’ we’ll call it when Texas decides to have a race and for the inaugural United States OCR Championships he definitely had a “here hold my beer” type inspiration. This time though instead of making the obstacle crazy amounts of water on the course, he decided to go with logistics as the first obstacle of the event. Finding a way to get to Y.O. Ranch Headquarters for many became significantly more complicated as Hurricane Harvey (in case you missed it) raged from Southeast Texas to parts of Louisiana. The result was the disruption of one of the World's busiest airport hubs and a man-made gas shortage based out of fear. Either way made things exciting.

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Kyle Littlefield Memorial Spartan Weekend 2016

After two years of torture; from God sending downpours to the Lone Star State, a memorable fire ant mud fest in Houston, a dry weekend finally aligned with the Spartan Race calendar. The Glen Rose/Dallas race is always a special weekend on the Calendar for two reasons; it is the Team Championship Beast and the Kyle Littlefield Memorial Run. If you do not know about the Memorial, head to Google and check out the foundation along with the significance of Rough Creek Lodge. In light of this, I decided to make it a team themed weekend. My bright idea was this, Team Beast, Volunteer, Kyle Littlefield 12-Hour and then Volunteer some more. I would not succeed unless my team succeeded.

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Spartan Sprint Tuxedo 2017 Review

It seems like each year we are up in the air as to whether or not Spartan is going to have their race in Tuxedo, NY. The venue has been battling some legal issues after some issues with a nearby casino project. Either way, this race has been one of the Spartan staples for years (7 to be exact) and each year we wonder if it is going to be the last time we race here. For many of us, when that day comes, it will be a bitter farewell as each year we flock here like moths to a light to run up and down this mountain.

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2017 Bonefrog Austin – Circuit of (Pain) The Americas

A trip around Circuit of America’s Grand Prix race course - how bad could it be? Seems simple enough. Bonefrog was kind enough to find a centrally located site to the Texas Metro areas. Some hills but nothing that comes off as too drastic. Oh, they now have that #EffNorm charm? There’s no mountain so he’ll be neutralized. It is April so it will be comfortable. Oh, wait, it is going to 90+ degrees with 80%+ humidity? Okay, this will be an interesting 12 miles or so.

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