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HOKA Evo Jawz

When I first heard about the HOKA Evo Jawz, my imagination ran wild. I first pictured a smooshy pair of platform shoes with an aggressive lug pattern and wild colors. Well, it looks like I got the wild colors part right, but they are far from platform shoes. HOKA, known for their lineup of running shoes, decided to step outside of their comfort zone and enter our world with a shoe that ticks all the boxes for obstacle course racing: light, aggressive, bold, and reasonably priced.

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Runderwear, Be Comfortable for All The Miles

Runderwear specializes in making underwear that won’t make you regret putting in those miles. Their primary focus is to make moisture-wicking, seamless, comfortable and anti-chafe underwear that will help you to stay as comfortable as possible on your runs, even the long ones.

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