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Warrior Dash Obstacles

Warrior Roast

The race is heating up. It’s time to leap over a row of real fire before you sprint your way through the final obstacles. Plan your leap accordingly: you’ll most likely make this photo op your new profile picture.

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Under the Wire

Don’t think you’ll finish this race without some mud in new places. Grind your face to the mud for 100 feet underneath real barbed wire.

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Two X Fall

Warriors aren’t made in the gym. This is a balancing act: Cross-step your way across a series of planks as wide as your foot.

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Hit the deck and crawl towards the light. You came to get muddy and will leave with a few brusies. You’ve got 40 feet to crawl across. And it’s dark down there.

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Shocktop Unfiltered

Get a running start and use your hops to hurdle yourself (and a friend) over three sets of barricades. Get your anterior down to the ground and scoot underneath an 80-foot canopy. Once you’re out, race over three more barricades. Beer is waiting for you at the finish!

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Muddy Mayhem

Army-crawl under real barbed wire through a 100-foot-long mud pit. Traditionally the final obstacle of Warrior Dash, this obstacle guarantees you’ll be able to give your friend a big muddy hug at the finish line.

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Mud Mounds

Lend a hand to your fellow Warrior. You’ll climb over a tall mud mound and slide down into a muddy pit…over and over again.

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Mortimer’s Crossing

You know those rope bridges you see in action movies? Now it’s your turn to do it in real life. Test your balance and strut your best tightrope-walking skills. Grab the ropes on your side, only if you must.

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