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Warrior Dash

Mortimer’s Crossing

You know those rope bridges you see in action movies? Now it’s your turn to do it in real life. Test your balance and strut your best tightrope-walking skills. Grab the ropes on your side, only if you must.

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Leader’s Ledge

Put your rock climbing skills to the test as you cross a 30-foot plywood sheet. Don’t fall in the mucky water below you, or you’ll have to start all over.

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Great Warrior Wall

Hold on tight and put your grit to the test; this rope will get muddy. Prove your Warrior strength by scaling a 14-foot wall caked in the slick mud of the Battleground. One wall down, more mud to go.

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This is it. No turning back. Summit the largest obstacle, take in the festival view, then race across a two-story balance beam before making a splash at the bottom of a 30-foot-high slide. Slide feet first!

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Time to escape! You can’t be afraid to get your feet wet for this one. Swim out to floating docks in the water, climb up and over, and make sure you still have enough energy to swim to shore.

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