Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut Socks Review

There is one article of clothing that typically gets overlooked by new obstacle course racers. Unfortunately, the socks you wear don’t get as much attention as the gloves you choose for a race. But, when you think about it, gloves spend a fraction of the time touching anything on the course; while socks and shoes are active almost 100% of the time.

If you are going to run through water and mud, you are going to want to wear clothing that doesn’t hold onto water for very long.  The ultimate goal here is to get rid of water as fast as possible so you can continue on uninhibited.  With that said, having cotton shirts, shorts, and socks is pretty much frowned upon.  If you are going to do it, do it right.

Under Amour constructed the Resistor Socks from a mixture of 83% Polyester/15% Acrylic/2% Spandex.  This allows the socks to wick away moister and withstand the brutality of your next course.  Additionally, each pair of socks features unique arch support that fits more snugly around the foot to enhance circulation while improving traction within the shoe.

Product Features

  • Slip-resistant technology features a unique fiber blend, allowing better traction inside the shoe
  • Signature moisture management technology wicks moisture, accelerates evaporation, keeping your feet drier and more comfortable
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes
  • Arch support aids in the increase of blood circulation and helps conform to the shape of the foot
  • Strategic cushioning built into the socks allows for maximum shock absorption and protection
  • Contoured “Y” heel provides a comfortable fit
  • True seamless toe gives chafe-free performance
  • Six pairs of socks per pack

From the top, the socks seem just like any other pair of socks, with the exception of the Under Armour logo.  The low-cut style lends itself to everyday usage, while allowing you to make use of calf sleeves and other accessories when running a course.

The bottom of the socks sport a reinforced heal, reinforced ball of the foot, and more reinforcements over the toes.  The area between the heal and the ball of the foot fits snugly and the sock is not meant to be pulled tightly over the heal.


When sizing socks, Under Armour tries to keep the process simple.  They provide a sizing chart to help you determine which is the right fit for you.

UA-Resistor-Socks (3)

The socks are sized based on your shoe size.  When picking your socks, it might be prudent to pick the smaller size if you are on the fence.  Having a foot that falls into the “large” category means that there is some significant wiggle room with being large or small for my foot.  With a size 9.5 US shoe, the large socks seem to walk a little on my foot.  With a focus on sports, it would be more beneficial to have a sock that is sized more accurately instead of having one with a 3 1/2 size window for large and 4 1/2 for medium.


Having a comfortable pair of socks during a run or an OCR can be a life saver.  There is nothing worse than feeling like your foot is sitting in sandpaper or running in a sponge.  The Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut Socks are definitely a comfortable pair of socks, for the most part.  For standard running they do a fine job of keeping your feet from soaking in sweat while providing just enough to support to notice a difference between them and a 5 dollar 12 pack of socks. On long runs, 13+ miles, they become abrasive and should be avoided.  Steer yourself towards something designed for mud, water, and abuse.

While socks may not get much consideration by those running a race for the first time, they are just as important as the right shoe.  Having the right pair of socks on during a race can make a huge difference.


Having run a number of different courses with these socks, they have become my primary choice, so far.  While they do a good job of keeping your feet dry and feature some basic reinforcements, it seems as though their longevity has become an area of concern for some leaving comments on the UA product page.  While wearing the socks as an everyday article of clothing, they do a fine job of sticking around for a while.  I have no issue with their lifespan and they have actually lived longer than socks costing 3 times as much.

The Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut Socks are inexpensive, comfortable, and do a fine job of staying dry enough. No one wants to run in a sponge.  While running over the hills and through the woods, these socks have done me right, with only one exception… The Killington Beast.  While the socks perform admirably for shorter runs (less than 8 miles), their thin construction and reinforcements actually can become abrasive at, or about, mile 9 and start to feel like sandpaper in your shoe.  If you are going to punish your feet for 13+ miles, look for something engineered for it.

Under Armour Resistor Low-Cut Socks

Durability - 6.5
Comfort - 7.5
Value - 8.5
Performance - 7.5


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