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OCR Chicks – March

It’s March, and thus time to shine the light on another two amazing women. Like many OCR Chicks, they won’t bat an eye at throwing a wreck bag on their back and running up a steep hill, take a few scrapes from barbed wire because “it will heal later”, or when they’re drenched in sweat; pushing a little harder instead of taking a break because that’s OCR. It takes a lot of grit, and hard work to be an OCR chick. Let’s celebrate them right now.

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OCR Chicks – February

Another month, another celebration and ode to the baddest and most beautiful female athletes on the face of the planet – OCR chicks. Many guys are out there right now training hard by themselves thinking I wish I had a girlfriend I could do this with. So WHAT is it exactly an OCR chick is looking for in a man? Your typical approach is NOT going to work with these women. Well, men, you are welcome. Here are some tips and views into what one of these fine species of athletes are looking for in a companion.

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OCR Chicks

OCR chicks are special. They are beautiful even without makeup. The OCR chick is not afraid of anything. The OCR chick is proud of her cuts, bruises, and scars. OCR chicks won’t complain, they don’t make excuses…..unless you mess up their pre-race routine. I think we can all agree they are the cream of the crop. So how does a single OCR guy snag one of these magnificent creatures? I have polled and compiled a few questions from some of the aforementioned wonderful OCR chicks to help all you OCR athletes out there that would like to have an OCR chick as a better half with you before and after the race to hug, kiss, hold, and train together. I think everyone wants to be like the greatest power couple in the sport, Lindsay and Ryan Atkins. While women in general are mysterious and men have been trying to understand them since the beginning of time, here is some help.

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