Troublesome and disorienting, Skidmarked is a menacing ten-foot wall angled toward Mudders. Work as a team to ultra-boost each other up to the Mudders hanging down from the top. Fail to brainstorm a creative team plan of attack with the Mudders on the other side, and your head’s gonna be spinning.

Suggested Training

At a 2-story home owned by yourself or a consenting friend, attempt to enter the home through a second story window. If necessary, carry appropriate identification and comply with local law enforcement.

Chin-ups – Complete 15 reps. Rest 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times.
Jumping Pull-ups – Repeat 10 times. Rest 90 seconds. Perform 4 rounds.
Thrusters – Complete 15 reps. Rest for 3 minutes. Repeat 3 times.

Tough Mudder Tips

Don’t be deceived – this one is unlike any wall you’ve ever climbed. If going it alone, jog to the obstacle and jump as high as you can to grab the top of the wall. Using a strict pull-up to get your chest onto the wall, swing your legs to the back. Hop onto the provided cleat as a platform to help your fellow Mudders. For those (read: most) that need assistance, tackle this one like Everest: reach for a helping hand from above. Without a wall to lean into, a boost from below is a challenging proposition.

About Joe DiFiglia

Fitness and sport enthusiast. Spartan Race Junky. I have been a martial artist since the age of 4 and addicted to anything challenging. Years of Martial Arts training provides the ability to keep going when my body really wants to quit.

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