May 1, 2017 – OCRAddict Teams With Reebok Spartan Race, Tiger Fitness, Icebug USA, and Yancy Camp

Houston, Texas –May 1, 2017 – OCRAddict, a service company, and website that provides access to information in regards to training and race day strategies as well as business services to OCR race series announced today new additions to their core mission. These additions are relationships with four companies – Reebok Spartan Race, Icebug USA, Tiger Fitness, and Yancy Camp. These relationships are designed to continue OCRAddict’s core mission of strengthening the obstacle race community.

Chris Wheeler, Co-Founder of OCRAddict stated, “I am very excited about our continued progress to make our sport stronger in all aspects of the OCR athlete’s journey: getting off the couch and into focused training to getting on the course and executing on the entire experience. Joe DeSena and Spartan’s recognition of the community’s voice and bringing additional Ultra Beasts to the racer shows the power of working together from concept to registration. Working with Icebug, Yancy, and the team at Tiger Fitness helps assure the racer will be ready to conquer their adventure after they hit submit on their registration.”

OCRAddict will be working with these stellar providers to ensure the racer will have access to the best pricing and information possible so they can achieve their goals. This includes exclusive discounts to Ultra Beast registration as well as strong pricing on footwear, coaching, and nutrition. Prior to forming OCRAddict, the founders provided synergistic solutions for medium-sized to global enterprises to ensure all efforts worked together to ensure a maximum return on investment.

Reebok Spartan Race Code: OCRAddict

Icebug USA Code: OCRAddict

Yancy Camp Code: OCRAddict

  • 1-month free of Yancy Camp training with an Ultra Beast sign-up.

TigerFitness: Click Here or

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OCRAddict is a company that specializes in maximizing the resources of all involved in the sport of obstacle course racing, from racer to race series. They have been transforming the way people are engaging in the sport from the company’s inception. OCRAddict continues to empower companies and individuals with services that inspire innovation, determination, and execution. These include access to top pricing for race access, equipment, coaching, and nutrition for the individual and continuous improvement for the world’s races series.

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