New Member Profile Features

Oxford, NJ: It is with great enthusiasm that we announce new member features at Site members now have the ability to view/share a profile page, RSVP for events, join race teams, and share their race schedules with their friends.

The ability for OCRAddict site members to share their calendar, view, and share their member profiles has been a project since the site’s creation. We are happy to be able to deliver this service to our readers and our members at no cost. The OCR community is ever changing and we would like to thank everyone for their support.

Please see the information below to start using the new member features.

If you are already a member of our site, you can access these features from “Your Account” settings. If you are not a member, simply register for our site using the following link:

Let’s take a quick look at the member profile page:

To find your member profile, click “Your Account” in the uppermost menu at the top of the site. For mobile users, you can find the link under our Home Link in the mobile menu.


Your account page will provide you with a link to view your member profile page


Simply click “View Your Member Profile”

The member profile page features valuable information for yourself and your friends. You can add your address information, add a description, provide your social media information, display which races you plan on attending, and also mark your profile as public or private.

Editing any of the information is as easy as clicking the “edit” or pencil icon next to the information you would like to edit.

  • A public profile: Anyone can view your profile
  • A private profile: No one can view your profile… even to friend you.


You can view:

  • Friends: All those friends that you have requested and that have approved your friendship request
  • Past Events: All the events that you have RSVP’d to on our event calendar prior to today’s date
  • Upcoming Events: All the events that you have RSVP’d to on our event calendar that occur in the future
  • Ratings and Reviews: All feedback that you have provided on an event in our event calendar
  • Comments: All the comments you have left on any of our articles. Many facebook comments are automatically imported.

To RSVP for an event:

If you would like to RSVP for an event, to list the events you have either attended or plan on attending, simply view any event on our race calendar, scroll down to the bottom, select your attendance status, and click Submit. If you are not a member, you can easily join by clicking the “register” button at the bottom of the window that opens.

Please note: Races for the upcoming season are constantly being added and updated.

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