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Petition for Spartan Ultra Beast in Texas

OCRAddict is petitioning the folks over at Spartan to introduce a Spartan Ultra Beast to Texas. While there is interest from Joe and the powers to be, they want to know that there is interest from the racers. Sign the petition to let the Spartan World know that Texas means business.

[emailpetition id=”1″]

About Joe DiFiglia

Fitness and sport enthusiast. Spartan Race Junky. I have been a martial artist since the age of 4 and addicted to anything challenging. Years of Martial Arts training provides the ability to keep going when my body really wants to quit.

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A few weeks ago, a bunch of us decided to run one of the hardest races that many of us have ever attempted, The Tri-State New Jersey Ultra Beast. That race truly did a number on some of us, especially me, my knees, and my feet. I decided to take the week after light and signed up for the Ohio Beast and Sprint races. I had done the Beast in 2014 (my third Spartan Race ever) and remember the course being... well... flat. I figured this would be a nice break from the grueling course we faced in NJ and would serve as a nice recovery run.

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