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Flying Squirrel

In this final test of grit and upper body strength on a Half Mudder course, you can either catch air from a trampoline bounce, or a mouthful of muck as you crash into the pit below. Assuming you can stick the landing, catch the zipline, and hold on, you could …

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What is Tough Mudder Half?

For those of you that are a fan of the Tough Mudder series of races, TM has a new category of race. Their intentions are clear, they want to get those of you that don't think you are ready for a 10-12 mile race an opportunity to see what the TM series is all about. This series of race sports many of the same obstacles, the same awesome race swag, and the satisfaction of knowing that you accomplished something you may have not thought possible.

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Spartan Race Introduces a Competitive Heat

Some of you may have already heard, the folks over at Spartan have decided to get a buzz going. They have finally listened to the huddled masses of people clamoring for Spartan to introduce a new wave of racers and a new wave of heats to their very popular Spartan Race. Spartan officially announced yesterday that they would be introducing a "Competitive Wave" to their catalog of race heats for those that are somewhere between Elite and Open.

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The Three Paths to a Spartan DELTA

While there has been much buzz around the new Spartan DELTA, many seem to be confused about what it actually takes to complete the mysterious device. We all know it looks cool, we all know that we want one, but not many of us know exactly what is involved.

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South Carolina Beast 2015 Review

There is nothing like getting all beast mode on an obstacle course. And of course, what could be better than getting beast mode on a Spartan Beast. Spartan Races have become the most popular and widely recognized OCR. With that, the Spartan teams have to do more and more each year to improve the events, the turnout, and keep the OCR faithful coming. South Carolina is the state, Carolina Adventure World is the venue, and a Spartan Beast is the challenge. The final Beasts of the year. Challenge Accepted.

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BattleFrog Austin Fall 2015 Race Review

BattleFrog, this season, seems to be the most talked about/controversial race series of the larger series (BattleFrog, Spartan, TM, Warrior Dash and Savage). They gone have from 5 and 15k course with BFX, to a singular 8k loop for a 1 lap, 16k Competitive/Elite and an all you can take Open BFX. They have also seen some turnover and, while this has been a major highlight, when you look at business norms they are right in line. The OCR community is just a big family, so these changes seem to hit harder. Their focus seems to be on the customer/racer experience. As long as it does, things should work out for the Frog.

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