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MapMyRun Update 16.8.1

MapMyRun has just released an update to their popular running application with a few feature enhancements that are a welcome addition to the already plentiful list of features. Here are some of the notable new features in the 16.8.1 update.

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MapMyRun Review

If you didn't know, not only am I an OCRADDICT, but I am a geek as well (really kind of an Uber Geek). Having said that, I look for metrics and analytics on just about everything I do and work with. While training for the next event, many of us are looking for a way to tack our activity and improve our training but don't have an unlimited budget for things like GPS watches and dedicated activity trackers. Although those gadgets are great training tools, many of us don't need look much farther than our cell phones. Enter MapMyRun.

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