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BFX San Antonio 2016 Review

My interest in BFX originated in March of 2015, my plan was to complete BFX in what ended up being BattleFrog’s last Sunday event. However, I ran into a small problem, I was running Elite on Saturday and I encountered which may still be the most difficult course I have ever encountered. It coined the term the Brenna Bars, had Elites having breakdowns on the course, and Hobie Call said the course was harder than the Killington Beast; establishing BeardTM as a premier Race Director. In fact, there were podium finishers who took 7 hours to complete a 10-mile course. I awoke on day two and couldn’t close my hands to pull up my sock and knew I had to call it in.

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BattleFrog Overview

The BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series is one of the nation’s fastest growing outdoor fitness events. Expertly designed by Navy SEALs and SeaBees, BattleFrog is heralded as one of the top OCR companies by industry publications and is widely considered the most challenging Elite Points Series events in OCR. Each BattleFrog features an 8KM course and at least twenty-five (25) obstacles expertly placed into unique terrain to be challenging, fun and mentally engaging. BattleFrog features an exciting American-themed race festival with music, food, entertainment, fitness vendors and plenty of viewing areas to catch all the action. Every obstacle is completable, and BattleFrog is designed to bring together participants of all skill and experience levels.

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