Athlinks Releases Apps for Android & iOS

There have been plenty of times I found myself opening chrome and logging into the Athlinks website wishing they would offer an Android / iOS app. This would make things so much easier. Well, the time has come. Athlinks has released an app for the OCRAddict, but what does it do and is it worth installing?

Six weeks ago, Athinks finally released a much anticipated (if you consider me the general public that anticipated it) app for users. Having to remember a username and password on a site that should have had an app a long time ago had become tiresome and annoying. Unfortunately, there is nothing to it that makes it special. You cannot view your upcoming races in Chronotrack; you can see your race results and others race results, search for nearby events, and search for events, athletes, and unclaimed results.

With Athlinks and Chronotrack coming together, this integration would be one I had hoped would be prominent and on display immediately in the app. So, consider me let down. However, we don’t know what is coming, so my fingers are crossed.


With the largest collection of results at your fingertips, let Athlinks do the tracking for you. If you’ve crossed a finish line in the last 10 years, you’ll find yours here. Athlinks makes finding, claiming and sharing all your hard-earned results easy.


The Athlinks community helps you keep up with your friends, compare yourself to rivals and easily get to what matters most. Join friends at upcoming races, celebrate their finishes from afar and challenge each other to conquer new goals.


Whether you’re searching for races to add to your calendar, checking your race day results, or getting more information about an event you’ve run, details about your events shouldn’t be hard to find.



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