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Green Beret Challenge Interview

We all know the big players of OCR, but as we look to challenge ourselves more and more, sometimes we need to look at things a little differently. Green Beret Challenge (GBC) is one of those takes, a Veteran Owned-Race Series that will hit Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas this year; offering a different take on how we view Obstacle Course Racing. Mark Ballas was kind enough to take some time to talk about this great race and the areas it takes on. In addition they partner with a charitable organization in the area they hold an event in. For example in Texas, GBC has partnered with Sean Valigura to support the Chris Kyle Memorial Run, currently held at the Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose Texas each fall.

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Christopher Reese

Life is a journey of unparalleled experiences and unexpected obstacles. Sometimes waiting for the perfect opportunity is not an option so you have to take an opportunity and make it perfect. My personal story begins with that reasoning. At the age of just 12, I became overwhelmed with temptations and peer pressure. I did not value my own being let alone the ones around me. I was selfish, insecure, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I began to surround myself with others who felt the same way who lacked care and compassion. I became addicted to sneaking out, using tobacco products, drinking alcohol, and getting high.

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