BattleFrog Ambassador Accounts to be Paid in Full

BattleFrog has issued another update in their ongoing race series saga. According to an email, BF will be paying all ambassador accounts in full at their “current” standings. These payments include credits for all events that have taken place. With refunds in order for future races, BF will not be issuing commissions for those events.

Additionally, any credits used for events, again future events, will be refunded to your account prior to commission payouts.

In order to make sure you have everything squared away, you must create a Dwolla account and complete a W9. Further information can be found in the email below:

Dear Valued Ambassador –

All Ambassador accounts are being paid out at their current standings. We will be pulling a full system report to cash out all ticket sales for events that have passed. Due to issuing refunds, we will not be issuing commissions for the proposed “future events” ticket sales. We will need you to create a verified Dwolla account, as well as require a completed a W9 in order to make commissions payments.

If you have “purchased” a race entry with your credits that was intended for a future event, we will refund those credits to your account prior to commissions payouts.

Elite points series payouts will also be paid out at their current standings, and all outstanding podium checks will be mailed out once a current (2016) W9 has been received.

Please click here to download and complete your W9 and return to [email protected]

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause our valued customers.  Again, all registrations for cancelled races will be refunded automatically and no further action is required. Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions.


BattleFrog, LLC


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