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TomTom Updates Spark / Runner 2 GPS Watches

It has been some time since TomTom decided to release an update for their GPS watches. In fact, the last update was April 28th, 2016. So, what has changed?

VERSION 1.3.160

Released on 11 August 2016 This update applies to: Spark / Runner 2

This software is delivered to you in phases. This means that it may only be offered to you in a few days time.

  • We have added music player controls including Play and Pause. Once you have connected your headphones, you can find these controls  by moving up from the Clock screen or moving down from the Pause screen.
  • We have moved the playlist selection outside activities to the Settings menu.
  • Swimming metrics are now in metres or yards instead of kilometres or miles.
  • You can now select a voice language that is different from the menu language. This includes the option to have no voice selected while listening to music.
  • We have improved the Bluetooth connectivity on Android phones.

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