The Liberator

A mad mountaineering challenge, the Liberator requires Mudders to conquer a 10-foot A-frame using pegs and rope. On the ascent, Mudders must crawl up a slanted wall placing pegs into slots along the structure. On the way down, a rope brings them back to safe ground.

Suggested Training

Whittle two blocks of wood into rough cylinders, approximately 1” wide and 8” long. Find a chain link fence to scale, using the handcrafted pegs.

Rope Climbs – Climb 5 feet up a rope as fast as possible, then slowly climb back down. Repeat 3 times. Rest for 3 minutes. Complete 3 rounds.
Pull-Ups – Complete 10 reps. Rest 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times.
Thrusters – Complete 15 reps. Rest for 3 minutes. Repeat 3 times.

Tough Mudder Tips

Get well acquainted with the provided pegs and grip them tightly. Place the pegs into the highest set of holes you can reach from ground level and then lunge upwards to move the lower peg to the next highest position. With legs braced against the wooden divides, continue to shimmy your body up, bending your arms before reaching for each consecutive hole. At the top, be sure to pop your pegs into the return slot.

About Joe DiFiglia

Fitness and sport enthusiast. Spartan Race Junky. I have been a martial artist since the age of 4 and addicted to anything challenging. Years of Martial Arts training provides the ability to keep going when my body really wants to quit.

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