Training Equipment

Syncing Peloton to Garmin Connect

Personally, I hate having my activity data distributed across multiple apps. I have Strava, Peloton, Garmin, etc. It seems like every simple integration that we expect either doesn’t exist or isn’t really that simple. I figured a well-known company like Peloton would have a Garmin integration that would allow me …

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New OCR Preparedness Spreadsheet – Courtesy of OCRADDICT!

With this year's race season getting into swing, there are a lot of things we are doing to prepare ourselves for our individual events. We are training on the regular, making sure our gear is up to par, but are you getting yourself truly prepared for your next race? We've aimed to make that much easier with a new release of our OCR Preparedness spreadsheet.

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Flawless Fitness Adjustable Hand Grip Review

While cardio and general strength training usually get the most focus, a simple thing like your grip strength usually gets overlooked. For many years I felt like lifting weights would increase my grip strength as a byproduct, I never personally focused on it. That is until recently. Increasing grip strength is not a difficult process, but doing so means that you need to focus your workout and get yourself the right tools. Flawless Fitness thinks that their Hand Grip Strengthener is the right tool for you.

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