2016 Killington Ultra Beast

14 Weeks Until Killington Ultra Beast 2016

Here we are, 14 weeks from Killington and starting a critical turning point in training. This week would be a standard week, but the plans for next week have started already. For the most part, things would remain normal this week, with the addition of a trail run to get some technical terrain under my feet. After all, road running doesn't do much for stressing the ankles. The end of the week will have me at Tuxedo, NY for the Spartan Sprint, no weight training this weekend.

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15 Weeks Until Killington Ultra Beast 2016

Getting a late start on this week's countdown. The week was action packed with me getting back on the horse. I ramped up the activities a bit during the week in preparation for my first ever Hurricane Heat in Barre, MA (HH-088). Running has become far easier than it has been over the last few weeks, it seems my body is starting to heal a bit.

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16 Weeks Until Killington Ultra Beast 2016

After last week's unfortunate tweaking of the Achilles on my left side, I have been a bit cautious about my activities. Next week will be my first Hurrican Heat in Boston and I want to be sure that I don't create a problem by over doing it. Although I am not terribly concerned about the HH with respect to the Achilles, it is the cumulative effect of the activities that may put a hamper on my Ultra Beast training. With only a week of rest, I have not been optimistic about getting back on the horse.

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17 Weeks Until Killington Ultra Beast 2016

I have given this a lot of thought, a daily update just isn't for me. This is week 17. I suffered a setback this week, injuring my Achilles. I am not exactly sure what I did, but I can tell you that it hurts. STFU! does not mean be stupid. Training for NJ Ultra Beast, I hurt my knee and was unable to run for a couple of weeks. That did a number on my endurance. The elliptical didn't cut it and I should have hit the stair master instead. This time around, I am going to take advantage of my experience and lean on my brain instead of my brawn.

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122 Days Until Killington Ultra Beast 2016

Today isn't one of my best days so far. Having given this journal too much thought, I found myself unable to sleep. I had grand plans of waking early to get some sprints in this morning. Instead, I crawled into bed around midnight and woke 10 minutes before work. Today will be an average day for me.

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123 Days Until Killington Ultra Beast 2016

With only 123 days left until the Killington Ultra Beast, I decided to create a series of post detailing my preparedness plan, thoughts, and feelings. Although it may seem like 123 days is plenty of time to prepare, I feel like there is a lot of work to do in little time.

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