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HH12HR-021 Palmerton Recap & Review

There are three elements to the Spartan Delta's endurance trifecta. Having captured one piece at the beginning of the year by surviving Norm's New Jersey Ultra Beast course, I had decided that I would do whatever it takes this year to get the others and complete the Trifecta. My Hurricane Heat would come from Boston, and the final piece of the pie would come from none other than Palmerton and the HH12HR-021, lead by Mr. Rob Barger.

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Hurricane Heat (HH-088), Lessons Learned

Having completed many Spartan races, things need a little spice once in a while. After completing my first Ultra Beast in the Great Garden State, I noticed that my piece of the pie looked a bit lonely. A black wedge just doesn't look right amongst the blues, reds, and greens of the Spartan World. I decided to start the journey to completing the proper Endurance Trifecta. With that in mind, I signed up for the Boston Hurricane Heat HH-088. Having never done a Hurricane Heat, I went into the event with little knowledge. Here is what I learned.

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